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Greetings to our wonderful old Anne Miniver Press friends and to those of you who have just discovered the Press. And we hope that you will all find our newly designed website attractive, intriguing, exciting, and informative. Here you will find a list of all our publications available at Amazon as well as a list of our free publications which can be easily downloaded. And, of course, we invite you to email us at any time with your questions and comments. The email address is

In the next few days we will be issuing another small poetry collection in our French Un Moment De Poésie Séries - AVEC UN ENFANT by ANNE HEMINGWAY. Later an English translation will also be available. And this autumn we will be publishing in our History of American Transportation Publication Series “AMERICA’S FIRST COMPLEX CANAL” MIDDLESEX CANAL ESSAYS by ALAN SEABURG Curator of Manuscripts, Emeritus, Harvard Divinity School Library, with ILLUSTRATIONS BY THOMAS DAHILL Professor of Fine Art, Emeritus, Emerson College. These essays will focus on AMERICA’S FIRST MAJOR CANAL, THE PORT OF BOSTON AND THE MIDDLESEX CANAL, AMERICAN SLAVERY AND THE MIDDLESEX CANAL, DICTIONARY OF MIDDLESEX CANAL BIOGRAPHY: A SAMPLER, THOMAS DAHILL’S MIDDLESEX CANAL MURALS, plus newly discovered contemporary accounts about the Canal.

So welcome to you all to Anne Miniver Press- enjoy our publications, enjoy too the adventure of learning.

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